Telemedicine Solutions in Wilbraham

Urgent Care of Wilbraham we are an independently owned and operated facility run by board-certified ER physicians. Our emergency medicine physicians are experienced in working in an urgent care setting and delivering quality care.

We have ties with the community and work closely to ensure a healthy society.

Urgent Care of Wilbraham
Urgent Care of Wilbraham

About Telemedicine Services

At Urgent Care of Wilbraham, we work to keep ourselves and the people around us healthy. To make sure that our assistance is available to everyone at any moment, we offer simple and secure telemedicine services and urgent care.

We are committed to providing emergency care to you through our local care providers via video calls. With our telemedicine solutions, we strive to effectively and efficiently deliver healthcare services to our patients.

Telemedicine Benefits

  • It engages patients to take a more active role in maintaining good health.
  • It strengthens physicians-patients relationships.
  • It helps in expanding geographic reach, including rural areas.
  • It enables us to cover non-emergent health issues remotely within a short period.
  • It is also compatible with many of your health insurance.
  • It overall improves health outcomes and cares in society.